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Laser Repair Welding Machine for Molds


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Laser Repair Welding Machine for Molds


Laser repair welding machine heat affected zone is small, with microscope observation, high precision welding, won’t lead to mold shape changes.


2.Product Principle:

Laser repair welding machine is by the laser instantaneous generate high-heat welding wire dedicated to the broken parts of the mold, with the original substrate firmly welded, after welding by electric spark or grinding or other processing into smooth surface, thus repairing the mold.


3.Application Range:

  •  Laser repair welding heat affected area is small, won’t lead to precision mold deformation, welding depth, welding firm, full melting, without repair traces. The bulge of soluble material with the substrate without depression phenomenon.

  • With cross cursor special microscope observation system, adjustable magnification, can achieve precision alignment. 


4.Industry Application:

Widely used in mold repair and hardware metal parts repair, can be repair welded varies of mold materials: S136, NAK80,718,738, P20, SKD-11, SKD-61, H13, W302, GS2344, GS2343, GS2082 and so on.

5.Sample Pictures



Technical Parameters

Max Laser Power200W400W
Single Pulse Max Energy90J110J
Laser Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Laser Welding Frequency≤50HZ≤50HZ
Laser Welding Depth0.1-1.0mm0.1-2.0mm
Pulse Width0.5-20ms0.5-20ms
Laser Welding Wire0.2-0.40.2-0.8
Standard Workbench300*200mm/Optional300*200mm/Optional
Positioning SystemCCD/MicroscopeCCD/Microscope
Power Requirement220V/50HZ/40A380V/50HZ/40A
Cooling TypeWith circulating water coolingWith circulating water cooling
Power Consumption≤6KW8KW

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