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Tubular heater

All types available
Customization available
  • Tubular heater
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Tubular heaters can be any shapes which is customized with the client's requirements to direct immersion in liquids such as
water/oils/solvents/solutions and molten materials/air. Tubular heaters can be used in any application. Straight tubular can be
inserted in machined groves for conductive heat transfer and formed Tubular provides consistent heat in any type of special
application. Applications areas: Plastic processing machineries; Engineering Industry; Packaging machinery; Shoe making
machineries; Foundary Equipment; Radiant Surface heating; Hot Runner Mould Systemns etc.


1. Standard and cunstomized models are available, like Immersion Flange Heater/Screw Heater/Explosion~Proof Heater.
2. Various Shapes and sizes are available. Standards O.D: 6mm,8mm,11mm,12.5mm,16mm,18mm.
3. Sheath materials: SS304/SS321/SS316/Copper/Titanium/Inc600/Incl800.
4. All kinds of connection way are available.
5. Durable and  long life
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