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Easy-way Laser Marking Machine

Average Output Power 20W
Working Area 110*110mm (Standard) ; 175*175mm (Optional)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm

  • MICC-F020-B
  • MICC

Easy-way Laser Marking Machine


Integrated design, lightweight and convenient.

It can engraving metal materials and some non-metallic materials.

It mainly used in the fields with high requirements on depth, smoothness and fineness.

Fiber laser marking machine adopts an integrated structure of optical fiber laser output laser, and then through the high-speed scanning mirror system to achieve perfect marking function, optical fiber laser marking electromechanical optical conversion up to more than 20%, with semiconductor laser.

Compared with standard machine, it has higher beam quality, high photoelectric conversion rate, adopts air cooling method for cooling, and consumes less power.

Small size, theoretical life of fiber laser up to 100,000 hours, long operating life,is a new type of environmental protection and    energy- saving laser marker.


Packing Picture


Technology Parameter



Average Output Power


Working Area

110*110mm (Standard) ; 175*175mm (Optional)

Laser Wavelength


Engraving Speed




Beam Quality


Engraving Depth

0.05-0.5mm (Decided by material and power)

Min Line Width


Column Lift Range

140-370mm(The Platform is to the end of the f-theta lens)

Working Environment Requirement

Temperature0~40°C; Humdity30%≤RH≤85%

Power Supply

<800W/AC220V 50HZ




Product Advantages

easy-way laser marking machine (2)  

High Speed Marking                                     Adapting for different Height                   Adapting to Different Marking Area


Fiber laser ablation/ surface removal


This process is typically used to remove paint, coatings and othersurface materials to create contrast but without damaging the subs-trate. Common applications are car dashboards and aircraft display.Other applications include backlit buttons, anodized aluminum andsurfacepainting.

Fiber laser Engraving


While fiber laser engraving, the surface of the products are melted bythe laser and evaporated. Therefore, the laser beam will remove thematerial. That means laser induced ablation by melting or evaporatingsubstrates. Engraving is a method for permanent and direct markingthat is anti-counterfeiting, wearproof and corrosion resistant.


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Sample Show


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